My Weekend Stitching….

12.03.18 my weekend stitchingWhat to do on the weekend when back cramps have you laid up? Why stitching, of course!

I finished up my Country Christmas Afghan! Although I enjoyed it, I do get bored doing the same thing over and over, and simply refused to make one more square. So, I compensated for the unmade squares by adding a broader edging, and Viola!… Done!

twig 1

Then, having had my fill (at least temporarily ) of crochet, I cast on Tiny Owl Knits “Twig” cowl. I am working 3 strands of Galler’s Asana Bulky in a lovely Pine Forest Green to achieve the super bulky weight called for because Asana is a thick and thin yarn. I began this last evening and I have about 3 pattern repeats and I will be done with the outer layer.

When I am done, It will look like this…



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